Initial Setup

Before we can build a Twilio application, there are some steps you’ll need to complete. This setup shouldn’t take more than five minutes.

Install a Text Editor

Now that you’ve signed, up, we need to make sure you can edit the workshop code. If you already have a text-editor or IDE of choice, skip this section.

  • Windows - Download and install Notepad++
  • OS X - Download and install Text Wrangler
  • Linux - Install gedit via your package manager

Install Python

Open up a terminal or command prompt window and type the following

$ python --version

If the output contains either Python 2.6.x or Python 2.7.x, your Python installation is ready to go. Some of you may have Python 3.x installed. Sadly, the twilio-python helper library only works with Python 2.6 or Python 2.7.

Find and download the installation for your operating system.

More downloads are available on the Python downloads page.

Once you are finished, opening up Terminal (OS X) or Powershell (Windows) and verify the output is now the same

$ python --version
Python 2.7.3

Download Workshop Materials

Download the workshop materials as a zipfile. You can also clone this repository if you have git installed.

$ git clone

To verify that everything is working correctly, run and make sure the output matches below

$ cd calworkshop
$ python